Class A Consulting
Group LLC

Class A Consulting group LLC is a recruiting company providing assistance to transportation companies with class A drivers with or without experience in the North East/ New Jersey/ New York Area.
Our Senior Recruiter has a 30 years driving experience, Driver Instructor for over 21 years, a Certified Safety Manager for 7 years and willing to answer any questions you may have and ready to guide you to a well paying company at no cost to you the driver.
Our mission is to assist drivers find a descent paying job with a company which has excellent integrity in transportation industry.
The next few reasons make us stand out from other recruiting companies are, we have been in the trenches with a 30 years driving Experience, 21 years Driver Instructor, 7 years Certified Safety Manager we can certified, coach and assist drivers on how to safely maneuver a tractor trailer in all kind of weather elements and road conditions, also they’ll have our phone number is case they find themselves in a tough situation, we can assist them when they really need us the most, no other recruiting company have this option.